My Manhattan

I drink Manhattans. I have drunk a lot of them. Not an ocean’s worth but probably a smallish estuary, if you can imagine such a glorious thing. I had my first in my second year of uni and decided there and then that, yes, this is My Drink.

Far from being as brazenly boozy as a Martini, not as flamboyant as a Whiskey sour, and a bit less basic/”basic” than an Old Fashioned.

After a lot of trial and error, thick heads and arguments with bartenders, I have come up with my perfect recipe.

‘There are many others like it but this one is mine.’

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Sharing shellfish

For the past eight months or so, I lived more-or-less alone. This suited me just fine because I can fester on the sofa for two days, watch Archer on repeat and nobody can stop me.

However, those days are now nearly over. I moved out of The Pit and am now WFA and sofa-surfing. Joy. Still, silver linings &c., I now get to try cooking for other people again.

In winter I want to live off nothing but pies and stews and meats in broth. The latter took my fancy when cooking for two friends the other night, so I made mussels.

I love them, I do. When asked about the best thing I’ve ever eaten, I always end up mentioning a big bowl I had in Bayonne when I was around 14. The sauce was – as close as I can remember – something akin to a puttanesca… Whore’s Mussels, I suppose.

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So full. There’s not mushroom left in me

The days are short and cold, my collection of cable-knit jumpers has resurfaced and, in all likelihood, I’m probably drunk on something with cinnamon in it.

Despite how it may appear to those of you who follow me on Twitter or my grease-laden InstagramI have been on somewhat of a health kick for the past few months. I’ve done a half marathon and Tough Mudder (great fun, but horrible, FYI), I’ve got the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest in a couple of weeks, AND I recently found out I’m running the London Marathon in April (a separate post on this follows). All in all, I feel like I’m in good shape.

Food-wise, I’ve mostly been eating ‘better’. Regular times, vegetables, potatoes, lean meat… the works.

That said, sometimes it all gets a bit much – the exercise and the season – so I say ‘sod it all’ and make a massive bowl of stodgy carbs and something fried.

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